2-Week Workout Plan to Lose Inches

You need to lose a couple of pounds and take care of your trouble zones, yet you’re not certain where to start. How to begin your weight reduction travel? It’s easy, effective workout plan is all you need.

This shouldn’t imply that that getting fit is simple, which would propose you don’t need to put any work to it. Working out is work. One needs to attempt to choose good nourishments and be more active.

You can get slimmer and turn your way of life into a more dynamic one with the following two-week workout plan.

Laying the Groundwork

If we’re being realistic, a bunch of individuals plan to begin a workout routine; yet many quit. If we look at a group of people that really starts, just a part of those people stay with their program sufficiently long to adjust their way of life.

There are 2 reasons for this. To begin with, most people don’t set themselves up for the new workout schedule. They don’t have a goal or know how much time it is going to take. They simply appear at the exercise center without a vision. They exercise, and after a week, when they don’t notice visible results, they quit. Having no objectives and plans means making no advance or seeing the outcomes.

Secondly, individuals are not realistic about their capacities. Working out two times per day seems superior to once. Exercising 7 days every week is superior to 5. These people immediately desire to lift heavy weights, do programs of high intensity, and take extra long runs. Although it may sound good, this cannot be further from realistic. Moving right from lying around all day to workouts of high-intensity is a certain formula for a fiasco.

If one wants to make a routine that gives results the only way is to be honest and realistic when it comes to one’s present level of body fitness. Set your objectives, the time needed to achieve them, and the amount of time you can spend working out. Considering all of these, try our 2-week workout plan. Adjust them to your body, needs, and calendar.

Two-Week Workout Plan

First Week

Day 1 
Make five rounds of these.

  • Squats (do 20 repetitions)
  • Push-ups (do 10 repetitions)
  • Lunges— forward each leg (do 5 repetitions)
  • Side plank (on each side) and classic plank (hold 30 seconds each)

Day 2

  • Easy jog-eight to ten minutes, powerful moves: Bounding, Reverse Run, High-knees, and Butt-kicks.
  • Run for thirty minutes. Use a walk and jog method if needed. Run until tired, walk as needed afterward, and then run again.

Increase with time, but don’t try too hard.

Your objective: Once comfortable running for 30 minutes, run 3 miles. Or if this is easy for you, go for 6 miles.

Cooling down: A light 10-minute jog and stretching in the end.

Day 3 
Do these for five times.

  • Plank (hold 30 seconds)
  • Leg raises (do 20 repetitions)
  • Lateral lunge (do 10 repetitions per leg)
  • Squats (do 20 repetitions)

You need to take a 30-second rest between your rounds.

Day 4
For rounds of these.

*Try to do as many repetitions as possible.

  • A side plank (hold 30 seconds on each side)
  • Classic push-ups (do them for 60 seconds)
  • Declining push-ups (do them for 30 seconds)
  • Inclining push-ups (do them for 30 seconds)

Take a minute’s rest, then repeat.

Second week

Day 1 
One round only.

  • Jumping squat (do 50 repetitions)
  • Jumping lunge (do 20 repetitions per leg)
  • Sit-ups (do 50 repetitions)
  • Classic push-ups (do 50 repetitions)

After taking a two-minute rest, complete these next exercises in two circuits.

  • Mountain climber (do them for 30 seconds)
  • Russian twists (another 30 seconds)

You need to take a 30-second rest between your rounds.

Day 2

  • Easy jogging-eight to ten minutes and these high-power moves: Bounding, Reverse Run, High-knees, and Butt-kicks.
  • Try to run for 400 meters four to eight times at max speed.

You need to rest between runs as much as you need to complete one.

Cooling down: An easy 10-minute jog and stretching in the end.

Day 3

*You should do these as many times as you feel you can for a total of 15 min.

  • Box jumps (do 5 repetitions)
  • Burpees (do 10 repetitions)
  • Sit-up (do 15 repetitions)
  • Squat (do 20 repetitions)

Day 4
Do six rounds of these exercises.

  • Jump lunges (5 repetitions per leg)
  • Forward lunges (10 repetitions per leg)
  • Jump squats (10 repetitions)
  • Squats (20 repetitions)

You should take a two-minute rest, then restart.

Do two rounds of the following exercises.

Try to do max repetitions in the given time.

  • Sit-ups (60 seconds)
  • Push-ups (60 seconds)

Take a minute’s rest, then restart.