Banting Diet – 7 Day Banting Meal Plan To Get Started On This Diet

Easy to follow 7 day Banting meal plan:

  1. Monday

* Breakfast: Omelette

* Lunch: Roast chicken with green salad as a side dish

* Snack: One apple

* Dinner: Chicken soup

  1. Tuesday

* Breakfast: Omelette

* Lunch: Fried chicken and vegetables

* Snack: One apple

* Dinner: Bacon or chicken sandwich

  1. Wednesday

* Breakfast: Omelette

* Lunch: Fried chicken and vegetables

* Snack: A handful of almonds

* Dinner: Bacon sandwich

  1. Thursday

* Breakfast: An omelette with vegetables

* Lunch: Bacon sandwich

* Snack: A handful of almonds

* Dinner: Tuna and vegetables

  1. Friday

* Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs with bacon

* Lunch: Pork with vegetables

* Snack: Tuna salad

* Dinner: Chicken with vegetables

  1. Saturday

* Breakfast: Berries smoothie

* Lunch: Meatloaf

* Snack: Few apple slices and one tablespoon of peanut butter

* Dinner: Pork with vegetables

  1. Sunday

* Breakfast: Berries smoothie

* Lunch: Pork with vegetables

* Snack: One hard-boiled egg

* Dinner: Steak with vegetables

Would it be a Good Idea to Include Dairy in Your Banting Diet Plan?

You can incorporate dairy in the Banting diet as long it is from grass-fed animals and full cream.

However, be considerate about the amount you are taking, because it can make it difficult for you to lose weight quickly.

Be Careful, It’s Easy To Revert To Your Old Eating Habits

While this dinner arrange gives you a simple approach to begin on the low-carb Banting method for eating, it’s truly simple to get stuck into a routine when you make the same meals every day.

The ideal approach to help you abstain from slipping over into your old dietary patterns is to have a complete eating regimen arrange supplemented with several enticing meal alternatives to prop you up for no less than a month or two to keep it intriguing and energizing.

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